September 2018

featured-team-member-0918Congratulations Lori Henderson, Hop Jack’s Featured Team Member for September 2018!

Lori has been making guests smile at our Kennewick Hop Jack’s since opening day in July of 2015. Since the opening she has been an integral part of the Kennewick team. Lori has held various positions including lunch server, trainer, liquor & health card monitor and invoicing. She is also known as the “breakfast goddess.” She has many loyal regular guests who visit her weekly, enjoying her smile and great service.

Lori grew up in Oregon and enjoys, gardening, fishing and spending time with her German Shepard and ten grandchildren. She also enjoys an iced cold Hop Jack’s IPA or a huckleberry icy drink with a California Turkey Sandwich.

She loves her regular guests and knows which day of the week who will be visiting her. “Lori is such a bright light and positive person,” said her manager Shari Ivey. “Lori makes every team member, manager, and guest feel special in some way. She is always willing to help out and cover shifts and will do anything for others, including pet sitting! Lori has a warm and caring disposition.” Kennewick team members are very fortunate to experience Lori’s friendship and Hop Jack’s is grateful she is on our team! Congratulations Lori, we appreciate you!



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