"Hop Jack’s has a new name. Don’t worry, the big burgers and icy cocktails stay the same"

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Hop Jacks burger
A bacon cheeseburger from Hop Jack’s, which will soon be called Hops N Drops. Sue Kidd skidd@thenewstribune.com

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October 29, 2018 01:30 PM
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The burgers still will be hand-formed. The potato chip nachos still will be loaded with bacon and cheese. Happy hour still will be 2-6 p.m. daily in the entire restaurant.

The only thing noticeably different at Hop Jack’s — A Neighborhood Gathering Place will be the name on the sign.

In the next few months, Hop Jack’s will change its name to Hops N Drops.

Call it a slight tweak, not a makeover of the regional chain known for its casual menu of burgers and sandwiches.

Founder Mark Eggen believes the name will better describe what the restaurants want to be known for — the frosty booze, specifically.

The hops is a reference to the 16 beers on tap at every location. Those beers are served at a chilly 34 degrees. The drops refer to the restaurant’s icy drops, which are cocktails made from fresh fruit and served in glasses made out of ice.

Does the name change have anything to do with a pending lawsuit filed against the company in December claiming trademark infringement from a similarly named restaurant in Florida?

Eggen said he can’t comment on the litigation because it’s ongoing but said, “It (the name change) is truly a branding thing for us. As we grow, the thing that happens to us, and it always happens to us, we have to address it — people come to our door at 8 in the morning and ask why we aren’t serving breakfast.”

Although the Hop Jack’s restaurants do serve weekend brunch, the restaurants need to detach from the perception that they’re all-day breakfast restaurants because of the name, he said.

“It helps us address that in new markets. Hops N Drops better represents our brand and who we are,” he said.

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