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In our book, you can't spell "Hop Jack's" without "team".

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"What is a Hop Jack, anyway?"

Hop Jacks were people who worked to pick and produce dried hops to be used in the beer brewing process. They gathered in barns throughout farming regions around the world during the planting and harvest seasons. They were hard working folks, that according to our exhaustive research, (OK, we talked about it once over a cold beer!) had a strong sense of community and enjoyed a cold one from time to time.

Our restaurants’ design and menu were built to reflect an atmosphere for special hard-working people. It’s a place where friends and neighbors can gather to enjoy a really cold beer, unique beverages and some great food in a comfortable, fun, safe, and familiar environment.

Jeff Morgan

Jeff Morgan
Hop Jack’s Director of Operations

A proud “Duck,” Jeff is a 1984 graduate of Washington State University with a degree in Hotel Restaurant Management. Yes he’s slightly conflicted.

In the past 35 years, Jeff has experienced working in almost every restaurant position including dishwasher, bartender, server and manager. His passion for food, beverage and people brought him to the position of Director of Operations at Hop Jack’s in 2011.

“Our objective is to always hire the best team members and keep them. We want to be our neighborhoods employer of choice. Ultimately our most valued asset is our people and their relationship with the guest.”

On a given day, Jeff can be found at any one of our Hop Jack’s enjoying the company of our team members and working hard to assure our service and food is top notch. Jeff lives with his wife Julie in Seattle.

Mark Eggen

Mark Eggen

A love of restaurants for the past 40 years brought Mark to open his first Hop Jack’s in 2009. Mark has over 40 years in the restaurant business including an impressive 16 year tenure with Red Robin, where he held the positions of VP of Operations and VP of Franchise Operations. His mission is ensuring the highest food and beverage quality at Hop Jack’s.

“Hop Jack’s is the kind of place I like to eat at. We offer the kind of beverages I like to drink. We have great burgers, great salad, really cold beer and unique drink offerings. Our product is the freshest available in the market and all are served in a fun, friendly and safe environment.”

Mark lives with his wife Shauna in Puyallup.



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