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The 10 Best Breakfasts & Brunches in Edmonds, Seattle

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By Catrina Pang | The Culture Trip

hop-jacks-breakfast-02Hop Jack’s
"A great spot to bring the family for a weekend breakfast, Hop Jack’s serves up excellent American classics including scrambles, biscuits and gravy, french toast, eggs, and potatoes. The menu also features breakfast burritos, omelets, flap jacks, skillets, Eggs Benedict, and house favorites such as country fried steak, corn beef hash, steak and eggs, and the classic two egg breakfast. They even offer $5 hand shaken Bloody Mary’s made with Crater Lake Pepper Vodka or plain vodka all morning until 11am.

In addition, you can get a great deal if you’re a regular at the restaurant, because you can get $5 off breakfast bills over $20 if you show them a receipt from a previous visit. With top notch professional service and locations all over Washington, mostly around Seattle, it’s no surprise that locals keep coming back to this reliable spot for a great meal."

Hop Jack’s makes a ‘great’ burger | Art & Appetite

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Courtesy of: James Spangler

By James Spangler | Jan 07, 2016

"You’ve probably heard the expression, 'Good is the enemy of great.'
This idea implies that with a little extra effort, a little more thought, a little more time expended on something, you can make that thing better than just 'good enough.'

This maxim can be applied to any pursuit. It can also lead to insanity.
I had a friend who was in the midst of making an elaborate risotto while trying to get two or three other dishes out. She reached for her chopped shatake mushrooms, and they were gone.
In an effort to be helpful, her father had accidentally taken them out to the compost pile. She had to settle on some crimini mushrooms that were in the fridge.
For a moment, I thought there might be a death in the family. But, honestly, the risotto was fine.

Sometimes it’s hard to balance the pursuit of greatness with our limitations.

One of my readers was raving about this “great” burger at a place called Hop Jack’s. I have to admit, I have settled for 'good' at home.
Ready-made, frozen, ground sirloin patties that are pretty reasonably priced have become the enemy of great at my place.

It was time to go to Hop Jack’s and see what I was missing. I didn’t realize that it is one of a chain of 12 Washington restaurants.
The Lynnwood restaurant was in a strip mall on Highway 99 – not much to get excited about there. But I had no trouble finding a parking spot."


Eastside Business - Hop Jack’s opened its 11th location in Kennewick on July 13th!

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Seattle, WA July 26, 2015
Article by Eastside Business

Hop Jack’s, “ A Neighborhood Gathering Place,” recently opened its’ 11th location on July 13th in Kennewick, Washington.

“We are very excited about opening a Hop Jack’s in Kennewick,” said owner Mark Eggen. “This site is a great space for a restaurant that is a true “neighborhood gathering place.“ We want to be the place where neighbors meet neighbors,” he added.

“We have hired approximately 80 employees for this new location,” said Kevin Eggen, Operations & Development Manager. “The positions included bartenders, servers, cocktail servers, all sales support positions and kitchen positions. We also have hired managers,” he added. “With our company’s expansion plans, it’s a great opportunity to grow with us.” We are currently in the process of interviewing and hiring for future locations as well. Resume’s can be emailed to Director of Operations, Jeff Morgan at or apply online at

The new Kennewick site measures 4,500 square feet, including bar space. The outdoor patio will offer seating for approximately 40.

Hop Jack’s bar features 16 beers on tap, along with an array of specialty cocktails including the Hop Jack’s very popular icy drinks. These playful drinks come in a variety of fresh fruit flavors and are served in a glass made of real ice. A special device brought in from Italy produces the ice glass mold to fit inside of a real martini style glass. Flavors include blueberry, pineapple, lemon and grapefruit. Hop Jack’s is the only restaurant west of the Mississippi to serve drinks in this type of glass.

Another highlight of Hop Jack’s brand are its’ beer taps. The taps extension from the bar top are covered in ice and beer is poured from the tap at 34’. “This system is called a double glycol system and this is what makes the taps freeze over,” added Eggen. “This is also very unique, found only in a hand full of restaurants in the United States.”

Hop Jack’s is popular for being a neighborhood place to gather with family and friends. The menu’s main features include high quality hand formed 100% Angus beef burgers along with sandwiches, macs, salads, fish tacos and a variety of other entrees. To view the entire menu visit


Hop Jack's Opens in Kennewick

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Hop Jack's
By Patricia Martellotti. Published Monday, July 13th, 2015

Hop Jack's
"The Tri-Cities now has its second Hop Jack's. The new location opened up Monday in Kennewick.
Customers enjoyed the different menu options from burgers to pizzas to salads.
One special feature the restaurant is known for is it's unique ice glasses which customers are raving about.

The new Kennewick site is about 4,500 square feet including bar space."




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