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March 2018

Serenity-1Congratulations to Serenity Pickett, Hop Jack’s Featured Team Member for March 2018

Maple Valley Cocktail server, Serenity Pickett has been selected as Hop Jack’s Featured Team Member for March.

“Serenity is an amazing team member, always willing to help and go the extra mile,” said her General Manager Bill Boyle. “She always has a smile and a great attitude. I cannot remember once, while working with her, where she was not in a great mood. She helps out her fellow team members and is always there to support the guest and her team.”

Serenity has been a valued member of our Hop Jack’s family since March of 2016. She is trained not only as a cocktail server but also a dining room server and bartender. Her most memorable Hop Jack’s moment was her very first bartender shift. She appreciates the team work at Hop Jack’s and will never forget receiving a generous tip from a guest. “It was only my 3rd week working at Hop Jack’s during a very busy rush, the guest complimented me on my speed of service and how I kept their orders straight.”

In her spare time Serenity enjoys beer, specifically an iced cold Hop Jack’s IPA, along with a Buffalo Wrap. In her younger year’s she enjoyed horse barrel racing and showing sheep.

When not at Hop Jack’s Serenity spends time in the outdoors and exploring Washington.

Thank you, Serenity for your hard work ethic, guest oriented service and for being a great team member. We appreciate all you do for Hop Jack’s and our guests!

February 2018

team-member-of-the-month-feb-2018Congratulations to Jessica Holly, Hop Jack’s Featured Team Member for February 2018!

Hop Jack’s Featured Team Member for February, Jessica Holly, has made a huge impact at the Hop Jack’s in Snohomish in the two short months she has worked with the company.

“Jessica started with us about a month and a half after we opened but you would think she had been here since day one!” said her manager Michaela McAuliff. “She has done an amazing job learning how to do things herself and supporting the team around her.”

Jessica holds the position of line cook on the hot side with goals of being an Assistant Kitchen Manager and Kitchen Manager in the future.

She makes every shift better with her awesome laugh and hard work ethic. Her favorite part of working at Hop Jack’s is knowing her team members enjoy being there and want to work hard.

From the beginning Jessica felt a connection and warm welcome from her co-workers and guests. She was very touched when a guest recently stopped her outside of the restaurant to let her know how great his experience was.

When not at Hop Jack’s, Jessica enjoys spending time at the park with her two young children and their dog.

Jessica, as you continue to grow and improve, we have no doubt your goals will become reality. Thank you for your dedication, positive attitude and commitment to Hop Jack’s! We appreciate you!

January 2018

Jesse-Witte-FTM-JanuaryCongratulations to Hop Jack’s Featured Team Member for January, Jesse Witt!

Jesse has worked at the Klahanie Hop Jack’s since October 2017. In her short time with the company, she has made a huge impact. Her work ethic, dedication and eagerness to learn are just a few of the reasons she has been selected as Hop Jack’s featured team member for January 2018.

Jesse was chosen for several reasons including the pride she puts into her work, said her General Manager, Patrick Brown. “She doesn’t do anything half way.” She approaches work from the heart. “Being one of our younger team members she is always proving her skill set is that of someone who has many more years of experience. Jesse is always happy to come to work early or stay late.”

Jesse is a versatile employee and is trained as a busser, host, cold side in the kitchen and as an expo. When working in the kitchen she loves to create great looking, delicious food for her guests to enjoy.

When she is off the clock, Jesse enjoys the outdoors; riding dirt bikes, hiking and working on cars. She can change her own oil, fix tires, power steering and a few other car issues that have come up along the way.

When asked about her favorite “go to” Hop Jack’s menu items, Jesse loves chicken or beef nachos and sipping on a raspberry icy drink.

Thank you, Jesse, for your dedication, commitment to Hop Jack’s and the impact you’ve made at our Klahanie location! We appreciate you.

December 2017

Alicia PhotoCongratulations to Alicia Moscone, Hop Jack’s Featured Team Member for December!

Since June of 2015 Alicia Moscone has been a server at Hop Jack’s in Lacey. Over the years Alicia has become friends with her guests and savors the memories and experiences created with them. She enjoys watching their kids grow up and seeing and serving them on a regular basis.

Alicia is the epitome of a world class Hop Jack’s team member. She is hard working, friendly and dedicated to the company and her many regular guests. She is a huge fan of Hop Jack’s boneless Buffalo wings, fish tacos and Hop Jack’s wheat beer.

An avid hiker, Alicia has climbed Mount St. Helens five times in the past 6 years. One expedition included her hiking 15 miles into the blast zone to the mouth of the crater.

Alicia is also a lover of concerts, fish & chips and the ocean, randomly taking day trips to the coast. She enjoys collecting Star Wars memorabilia and playing video games to relax.

Her daughter Sophia also works with her at Hop Jack’s. They enjoy spending time together on their days off.

Alicia is loved by her regulars and fellow team members. All of us at Hop Jack’s thank you for your loyalty. Congratulations Alicia on being selected as the final Featured Team Member for 2017! We appreciate you!

November 2017

KatelynMeet Hop Jack’s November 2017 Featured Team Member, Katelynn Dipietro!

Since March of 2016 Katelynn has been a valued team member at our Smokey Point Hop Jack’s. She has trained and worked in a variety of positions making her an outstanding, valued team member.

Currently she is a mid-manager and a lead trainer but she is also savvy in both heart of the house and front of the house positions having been trained on both the hot and cold side, breakfast, DMO/salad and as an expo, host and busser! “Her versatility and ability to adapt to any situation sets her apart,” said Jaime Fox, Director of Training. “Katelynn has the ability to jump in and help out where ever she is needed. That is invaluable to us.”

Katelynn enjoys the company culture and working alongside her fellow team members. She especially appreciates having a management team who believes in her and her drive to develop and grow.
When Katelynn is off shift her favorite “go to” drink is the Gummy Bear and her favorite meal is the Avocado Chicken Salad. She also enjoys spending time with her puppies, friends and family.

Thank you, Katelynn for all you do for Hop Jack’s! We are thrilled with your dedication and development and look forward to having you on our team as we continue to grow!



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