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April 2017

beth-team-member-aprilCongratulations to Hop Jack’s Featured Team Member for April, Beth Philips!

Since July of 2015 Beth Ann has been a self proclaimed (and verified) world class server at the Richland Hop Jack’s!
She was selected as April’s Feature Team Member for many reasons but first and foremost because of the genuinely great person that she is. Beth truly goes above and beyond. “It’s not unusual for her to bring team members cake on their birthday,” said General Manager, Jackson Davis. “She is also a natural leader who leads by example. She does all this with a smile on her face and never wanting or expecting anything in return.”

Always giving to others, Beth participated in Relay for Life and appreciates being a part of Hop Jack’s community involvement. She grew up in the Seattle area but now calls Richland home and Hop Jack’s is like family. Her favorite Hop Jack’s meal is a grilled chicken sandwich with a Huckleberry Drop and a chardonnay back.

Beth loves to golf (chip & putt!) and cook for her Hop Jack’s family as well as her husband and son Dalton. She has been married for 31 years and enjoys traveling to warm places with her husband. She has a loyal following of regulars, one who is her personal trainer at the local gym. “It really helps!” she claims.

Something we recently learned is that Beth can point her big toe straight up at 90’! Next time you’re in the Richland Hop Jack’s, ask her to show you this amazing talent!

Congratulations Beth on being selected as our Featured Team Member for April. You epitomize the “world class” label of a Hop Jack’s team member and we appreciate all you do for us!

March 2017

march-featured-team-member-hjCongratulations to Gerald Kennedy II, Hop Jack’s Featured Team Member for March 2017!

Gerald, Spokane Valley Hop Jack’s most versatile team member is trained as a server, cocktail server, host, busser, line cook and trainer! He is certified in both front of the house and heart of the house positions and doesn’t hesitate to fill in wherever his skills are needed.

A Spokane native, Gerald started working at the Spokane Valley Hop Jack’s in November 2014. After a long day of work Gerald enjoys sipping on a Hop Jack’s Wheat Beer with a chicken chipotle ranch flatbread.

His favorite part of working at Hop Jack’s is interacting with his guests. Recently he learned a family he was serving had lost their house in a fire. Gerald was able to share information about the Hop Jack’s good neighbor fund with them. He was thrilled to be able to help them and now values their friendship as regular visitors to the restaurant. This is one of the many reasons why he loves his job.
Gerald has a loyal guest following and was even given a Dallas Cowboys shirt from some of his regulars. Rest assured, he is a Seahawk fan!
He was also the first team member in company history to achieve back to back 100% secret shopper scores. He is very invested in us and we are truly proud to have him as part of our Hop Jack’s family.

Gerald adores his own family and is currently engaged to be married. He loves spending time with his little girl Kinley and watching her dance.

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to Hop Jack’s Gerald! You make us shine and we appreciate you!

February 2017

feb-featured-team-member-ashonFebruary 2017 Featured Team Member Ashon Thomas

Congratulations to Hop Jack’s Featured Team Member for February 2017, Ashon Thomas!

Ashon has been with Hop Jack’s in Lynnwood since July of 2014. His versatility and hard work ethic made him an easy choice for this recognition. He is trained as a line cook on both the hot and cold sides, prep cook, breakfast cook and soon will be an expo!

He thrives on having goals and fulfilling them during his shift. He’s his team member’s biggest cheerleader, always supporting them and doing what he can to help them grow and flourish at their positions.

He appreciates it when guests thank him through the pass through and let him know their burger or steak were cooked just right.

Ashon grew up in North Dakota and enjoys being in the Pacific Northwest. His favorite Hop Jack’s menu item is the bacon burger with cheddar cheese and a side of extra crispy tater tots!

Ashon is a team player and is looking forward to Hop Jack’s growth and seeing what the future holds for him. Your future is bright, Ashon, thank you for all you do for Hop Jack’s!

January 2017

lacee-hop-jacks-dec-2016Congratulations Lacee Perrenoud, Hop Jack’s Featured Team Member for January 2017!

Lacee has been an integral part of the Hop Jack’s family since September of 2012 when she was hired to open our Spokane Northpointe location.

Her versatility, responsibility and ability to succeed working a variety of positions have made her an invaluable employee. She is trained as a host, cook, expo, busser, server, cocktail server, bar trainer and lead trainer. She currently holds the positions of mid-manager and lead trainer.

Her positive attitude and experience have taken her skills beyond Spokane. She is a key member of the NRO (new restaurant open) team and has already opened six new Hop Jack’s restaurants!
Lacee’s favorite part of being a Hop Jack’s team member is her ability to work side by side with her good friends who she feels are like family. She loves her job and calls Hop Jack’s “home.”

When Lacee’s off the clock, her favorite cocktail is the Pom Pucker and her favorite “go to” menu item is the Buffalo Chicken Wrap.

"Lacee's ability to stay cool when the pressure is on is one of the things she contributes to the New Restaurant Opening team!” said Jaime Fox, Director or Corporate Training. “She is our rock and has left a legacy of well trained and inspired heart of the house team members!"

Lacee was born and raised in Spokane and one time met Bob Saget, star of the TV sitcom, Full House, at a downtown bar! “He’s a really nice guy!”

Next time you’re at a Hop Jack’s opening, be sure to say hi, she’ll be there with a big smile….. training her newest family members.

December 2016

december-featured-memberCongratulations Maggie Travers, Hop Jack’s Featured Team Member for December 2016!

Since July of 2012, Maggie Travers has been an outstanding employee and a leader at our Maple Valley Hop Jack’s. Since the first day the restaurant opened, Maggie has been an instrumental component in our kitchen, currently working as a Lead Line Cook and Trainer.

She is also a very well rounded employee and has held various Hop Jack’s positions including dishwasher, expo, host and mid-manager.

“Maggie is a great role model for our entire team. She has a strong work ethic, passion for our company and great sense of teamwork,” says her GM Mark Eilinger. “She always takes pride in delivering amazing food to our guests.”

When Maggie is off the clock, her “go to” Hop Jack’s cocktail is the Pom Pucker and she loves the street tacos.
Maggie, a northwest native, grew up close to the Maple Valley restaurant in Covington. On her days off she enjoys nothing more than spending time with her children, RayLynn & Achilles, visiting local parks, reading books and going on walks.

Maggie’s favorite part of Hop Jack’s is the company culture and being a member of the Hop Jack’s family. She also appreciates how the company gives back to the community.

Thank you for giving so much to us, Maggie, we appreciate you! Congratulations on being selected as Hop Jack’s Featured Team Member for December!



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