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Join Us on Memorial Day

We will be donating 20% of our sales to The Captain Joseph House Foundation.

Memorial Day
Monday, May 29th 5PM-8PM

The Captain Joseph House Foundation is the first Family-to-Family Respite House honoring America's Gold Star Veteran Families of their Fallen Heroes who have died in combat since 9/11.

Funds raised will support families participating in an all expense paid Sunday to Friday week with two other Families who are on this similar journey of living to their fullest in memory of their loved ones.


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"This Grandfather Bet His House That Burgers and Beer Will Never Go Out of Style"

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After decades as an executive in the restaurant business, Mark Eggen applied his expertise to his own chain of casual eateries.

Hop Jack's owner Mark Eggen and family. CREDIT: Courtesy company

By Leigh Buchanan | Editor-at-large, Inc. magazine

"Hop Jack's is locally famous for its brews, burgers, and neighborhood feel. The company has 12 restaurants, with three more under construction, mostly around Seattle and Tacoma, Washington. It employs 800 people and does more than $30 million in annual sales. The casual-dining juggernaut is the creation of a first-time entrepreneur who found himself unemployed in his 50s.

Mark Eggen, 62, spent most of his life working for the Red Robin chain, where he learned two things: how to run restaurants and how to scale restaurants. Eggen would likely have been a Red Robin lifer had the company's IPO not required he relocate from Seattle to Denver. Unwilling to move while his kids were in high school, Eggen joined another company, from which he got fired.

Eggen next bought a pizza franchise and ran it for three years. But being a good franchiser did not make him a very good franchisee. "At that age and point in my experience, I did not like being told what to do," he says. "So eight years ago--I was 54--I came home and said, 'Honey, I have got just enough money left to open my own restaurant.'"

After selling the pizza restaurant back to the company, Eggen had $100,000 to invest in the new venture. He also applied to the bank that financed his franchise for a $500,000 loan. "They said, 'Yeah, if you put your house up,'" says Eggen. "I knew it was a risk, but I wanted to do it. If I was unsuccessful, I was going to have to work a lot longer. But I enjoy working."

Coming up with a concept was easy: Eggen knew bars and burgers. Having started his career running an individual Red Robin, he believed restaurants that reflect the personality and leadership of the general manager treat people better--and consequently perform better--than corporate-driven entities. So he positioned Hop Jack's as a cozy neighborhood gathering spot, but with the infrastructure to scale."

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April 2017

beth-team-member-aprilCongratulations to Hop Jack’s Featured Team Member for April, Beth Philips!

Since July of 2015 Beth Ann has been a self proclaimed (and verified) world class server at the Richland Hop Jack’s!
She was selected as April’s Feature Team Member for many reasons but first and foremost because of the genuinely great person that she is. Beth truly goes above and beyond. “It’s not unusual for her to bring team members cake on their birthday,” said General Manager, Jackson Davis. “She is also a natural leader who leads by example. She does all this with a smile on her face and never wanting or expecting anything in return.”

Always giving to others, Beth participated in Relay for Life and appreciates being a part of Hop Jack’s community involvement. She grew up in the Seattle area but now calls Richland home and Hop Jack’s is like family. Her favorite Hop Jack’s meal is a grilled chicken sandwich with a Huckleberry Drop and a chardonnay back.

Beth loves to golf (chip & putt!) and cook for her Hop Jack’s family as well as her husband and son Dalton. She has been married for 31 years and enjoys traveling to warm places with her husband. She has a loyal following of regulars, one who is her personal trainer at the local gym. “It really helps!” she claims.

Something we recently learned is that Beth can point her big toe straight up at 90’! Next time you’re in the Richland Hop Jack’s, ask her to show you this amazing talent!

Congratulations Beth on being selected as our Featured Team Member for April. You epitomize the “world class” label of a Hop Jack’s team member and we appreciate all you do for us!

March 2017

march-featured-team-member-hjCongratulations to Gerald Kennedy II, Hop Jack’s Featured Team Member for March 2017!

Gerald, Spokane Valley Hop Jack’s most versatile team member is trained as a server, cocktail server, host, busser, line cook and trainer! He is certified in both front of the house and heart of the house positions and doesn’t hesitate to fill in wherever his skills are needed.

A Spokane native, Gerald started working at the Spokane Valley Hop Jack’s in November 2014. After a long day of work Gerald enjoys sipping on a Hop Jack’s Wheat Beer with a chicken chipotle ranch flatbread.

His favorite part of working at Hop Jack’s is interacting with his guests. Recently he learned a family he was serving had lost their house in a fire. Gerald was able to share information about the Hop Jack’s good neighbor fund with them. He was thrilled to be able to help them and now values their friendship as regular visitors to the restaurant. This is one of the many reasons why he loves his job.
Gerald has a loyal guest following and was even given a Dallas Cowboys shirt from some of his regulars. Rest assured, he is a Seahawk fan!
He was also the first team member in company history to achieve back to back 100% secret shopper scores. He is very invested in us and we are truly proud to have him as part of our Hop Jack’s family.

Gerald adores his own family and is currently engaged to be married. He loves spending time with his little girl Kinley and watching her dance.

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to Hop Jack’s Gerald! You make us shine and we appreciate you!



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